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MITRE Engenuity Spin-Out, MAD20 Technologies™ Announces Partnership with CYBER RANGES, the Leading Simulation-Based Cyber Security Capability Development Platform, to Train Cyber Professionals for Real-World Scenarios


MAD20’s focus on Living Certifications and CYBER RANGES’ industry-leading simulation/emulation capabilities will enhance practical, real-world cyber education.


CHARLOTTE, NC; STAFFORD, VA – December 13th 2023. MAD20 Technologies, the comprehensive provider of cybersecurity training and credentialing for MITRE ATT&CK recently spun out of MITRE Engenuity™, and CYBER RANGES, a leading global provider of cyber security workforce development and capability validation exercises among elite cyber professionals, have announced the launch of a strategic partnership. The industry-leading simulation and emulation-based training content provided by CYBER RANGES over its next-generation cyber range paired with MAD20’s ATT&CK training platform developed by MITRE Engenuity will be the world’s first fully comprehensive and dynamic training offering on the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

MAD20’s unique focus on “living certifications,” a concept rapidly gaining traction in the cybersecurity world, ensures certifications remain relevant and evolve with the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats and technologies. By adapting to new challenges and technologies, MAD20’s “living certifications” provide learners with the most current and applicable skills needed to effectively navigate the dynamic threat environment. MAD20’s offerings are deeply rooted in the principles of the MITRE ATT&CK framework to ensure a robust and comprehensive learning experience for enterprise and government professionals.

 “We are proud to announce this CYBER RANGES partnership and living certifications commitment, both serving as a true embodiment of our dedication to revolutionizing cybersecurity education,” said Reggie Stevens, CEO, MAD20. “Our focus on fully dynamic and interactive training is no longer simply a concept but a now-tangible pledge to ensure that our learners are always at the forefront of cyber defense. In collaboration with industry leaders like CYBER RANGES and MITRE, we are setting a new standard in cybersecurity training with a platform designed to provide practical, real-world knowledge that adapts to the ever-evolving and intensifying cyber threat landscape.”

“Adding the strength of MAD20’s world-class offering around MITRE ATT&CK to our ever-expanding collection of deep-dive simulation-based experiences and capabilities will enable cyber professionals around the world to build the confidence they need to fight increasingly effective and dangerous threat actors in our world-leading, safe-to-fail cyber range environment,” said Al Graziano, CEO, CYBER RANGES. “As adversaries become stronger, this comprehensive training ecosystem will continue to evolve, ensuring that those who wish to damage our critical infrastructure and tear down societies are never one step ahead.”


MAD20 Technologies is the new official home for MITRE ATT&CK training and certification programs. MAD20 is a spinout of The MITRE Corporation and MITRE Engenuity, a US government-backed FFRDC with a mission of advancing national security while serving the public good. MAD20 offers just-in-time training and certification on MITRE ATT&CK, helping defenders maintain the advantage over adversaries. Its MAD20 training and certification portal includes content and assessments originally developed by the same MITRE ATT&CK® subject matter experts who created and maintain the ATT&CK framework knowledge base. Collectively, the MAD20 team represents over 40 years of experience among senior members of the U.S. military within cyber operations. The MAD20 system incorporates elements of the software developed by The MITRE Corporation on behalf of the U.S. Government.


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Established to develop highly skilled, employable Cyber Security professionals, CYBER RANGES is the leader in Experiential Cyber Security Workforce Development and Cyber Capability Validation. CYBER RANGES has closely collaborated with the United Nations’ ITU on the design and delivery of ITU Cyber Drills, is an active member of the global Cyber Security community as a member of the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO), a Premium Partner of the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), and a founding member of the Cyber Security Global Alliance (CSGA). CYBER RANGES stands out of the crowd to help Cyber Professionals to be ahead of the cyber game.


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