Justify Program Reimbursement from Your Employer:

A Guide to Securing Your Approval

Looking to get reimbursed for your MAD20 Basic or MAD20 ARENAS subscription? We've found the below messaging can be extremely useful.


The Advantages of Completing MAD20 Training

  • Reducing Organization Mean Time to Detection and Resolution: Experiential learning is shown to improve role performance by up to 33%, directly contributing towards goals of reducing MTTD and MTTR. MAD20's MITRE ATT&CK Training Program incorporates labs and cyber range simulations powered by CYBER RANGES, a globally recognized range provider and an official range provider of NATO, the UN, and a selected provider of the ITU in years past. These hands-on experiences increase learner familiarity with APT's and how attack group tactics and techniques look and feel in a live environment.

  • Remaining Up To Date Regarding the Latest Threats: MAD20 is committed to providing just-in-time training intended to reflect the latest in threat landscape activity. Webinars and refreshed training content address these evolving threats to ensure MAD20 Defenders are equipped to handle the most advanced adversary. Simulations on the platform reflect the latest APTs most relevant in the financial services, healthcare and other industries, and is constantly being updated to keep pace with the adversary.


  • Hear From Thought Leaders and Peers, Fellow Practitioners with Real Insight: Via the MAD20 Training Program's Webinar Series, you'll have ample chances to engage with peers and thought leaders, exchanging ideas with professionals who've navigated through challenges you might not have even realized existed. We offer diverse formats, from panel-based webinars to casual conversations and Q&A.


  • Earn CPE Credits: MAD20 courses qualify for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits that can be used towards maintaining other certifications you already possess. It's an excellent opportunity to meet your CPE obligations while expanding your knowledge of ATT&CK®. Here's a breakdown of the CPE credits you can earn for completing each Basic MAD20 course, with 1 CPE credit for each hour of course duration. In total, completing these courses would earn you 25 CPE Credit Hours before considering the additional 8 hours of cyber range content in the Basic Bundle. The MAD20 ARENAS Bundle offers an additional 8+ days of range content.
    • ATT&CK® Fundamentals: 1 Hour
    • ATT&CK® Cyber Threat Intelligence: 2 Hours and 45 min
    • ATT&CK® Security Operations Center Assessments: 3 Hours and 30 min
    • ATT&CK® Adversary Emulation Methodology: 8 Hours and 30 min
    • ATT&CK® Threat Hunting and Detection Engineering: 4 Hours and 45 min
    • ATT&CK® Purple Teaming Methodology: 2 Hours
    • ATT&CK® Access Token Manipulation: 2 Hours and 30 min

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Download a copy of our latest course library to attach to your email to your manager.

Want to arrange a meeting for us to speak with them? Reach out to support@mad20.io to find some time on our calendars that works for everyone to walk through options, including group pricing.

Business Justification Email

To help explain the value of MAD20's Training & Certification programs to your management team, we’ve provided a business justification letter template. It’s an overview of the key program benefits and other essential details that will demonstrate how important this training is for you and your organization. Simply copy and paste this letter into an email to start the conversation.

Note: Anything highlighted is intended to be customized by you to reflect your specific request.


Subject line: Request to Receive MAD20's MITRE ATT&CK Training

Dear [Decision Maker Name],

I am requesting approval for reimbursement for MAD20's MITRE ATT&CK Training Program. Originally developed by The MITRE Corporation and the team that built the original framework, it represents the only comprehensive training and certification program on MITRE ATT&CK. Experiential in nature, the training will provide me with labs and cyber range scenarios to practice framework implementation in a consequence-free cloud environment. The platform is also constantly updated to reflect critical cybersecurity issues and emerging threats. Undergoing this training will not only help further my technical skills but will build my knowledge of new security innovations and best practices that can be used to help secure our organization. 

Obtaining a subscription will allow me to:

  • Immerse myself in a rich educational experience tailored to the specific needs of our organization. The MAD20 curriculum covers topics such as Analytics, Intelligence & Response, Hackers & Threats, Risk Management & Governance, and Identity, among others.
  • Gain valuable insights into the latest industry trends from distinguished thought leaders and guest speakers through MAD20's webinar program. Additionally, I'll have the opportunity to tap into the firsthand experiences of seasoned practitioners through forums and other subscriber engagement opportunities.
  • Receive training and insights on the latest APT groups relevant to our industry through MAD20's refreshed content and webinar discussions.

The cost for an annual [MAD20 Basic Subscription / MAD20 ARENAS Subscription] is $XXX

Advantages for our organization

Completing MAD20's MITRE ATT&CK Training & Certification course is a strategic investment in our organization's cybersecurity resilience. In light of the staggering statistics revealed in the IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023, the global average cost of a data breach surged to $4.45 million in 2023—marking a 15% increase from 2020—proactive measures are imperative. The cost of a [MAD20 Basic Subscription / MAD20 ARENAS Subscription] pales in comparison to the potential consequences of a cybersecurity incident. Experiential learning like the content offered on MAD20's platform is shown to improve role performance by up to 40% and can improve our overall organizational readiness.

Upon training completion, I can provide a short summary of key insights and recommendations, and a proposal for implementing any new ideas that will benefit our team.

To purchase my subscription at the price listed above, I can provide an invoice for department completion or can purchase the license myself with an expectation of reimbursement.

Thank you for your consideration.

[Add standard sign off]